Fire Pump System     
    Fire Pump Controllers are designed and listed specifically for fire pump service. Life safety and fire protection for buildings and building content is our primary design consideration. These controllers meet or exceed all requirements of the National Fire Protection Association Standard NFPA 20, are listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., and Approved by the Factory Mutual System. Fire pump installations are
regulated by state and municipal codes, fire departments, and fire insurance authorities. Consult with these authorities to verify your particular requirements.

    Standard Equipment & Performance Type 2 Drip-Proof, Enclosure painted with UL Recognized corrosion resistant red backed enamel, offers superior resistance to the damp corrosive environment of pump rooms.NFPA-20 requires that when the pump room is not constantly attended, audible or visible alarms shall be provided at a point of constant attendance.

    Fire Hose Product

   Asiatic Fire Tech Co.,Ltd. provides world class solutions for the fire protection industry to meet the demands and tight deadlines of this growing business. The value of a Victaulic Fire Protection System is evident in the complete and innovative product line - offering a full range of products for any type of fire protection system installation. Bundled with prompt product delivery, superior customer and engineering support, and ease of installation and maintenance make Victaulic products the choice for many Fire Protection Systems worldwide.
     Spark hose reels are manufactured to British Standard (European standard) BS EN 671-1 Compliance to the stringent test required by the above standards guarantees excellent durability and performance. Hose reel side plates are protected with a polyester powder coating that complies to salt spray test requirement which is specified in ISO 9227 for 240 hours. Spark hose reels have been designed to provide a flowrate of 27LPM for 3/4 and 35 LPM for 1 at 0.2 Mpa. POLY-RACK 500? has a 100% synthethic jacket with a single ply polyurethane extruded liner. This hose is totally immune to the effects of midew. POLY-RACK 500? will replace unlined hose foot for foot on existing storage devices. "Guardian" Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher is ideal for the highest reliability of fire extinguishing. Each model contains standard dry chemical which will effectively protect the principle hazards such as trash, woods, paper, electric, oil and gasoline. Its extinguishing agent is coated by high quality gloss epoxy finish which will not contaminate food, valuable materials or clothing. It is strong and durable but lightweight for easy handing and environmentally safe.