Fire Proofing Product
    A fire proofing construction is a typical construction that has facilities to prevent origin and spread of fire and has necessary fire exits and extinguishing systems.
    A fire originates in the event of development of ignition temperature over a combustible material in the presence of air other fuels. If is almost impossible to prevent the development of ignition temperature. Torch effect resulting from intensive heat radiation across facades such as glass is next to inevitable.

Transit Cable    
    By system parts " Quick - Basic " , " Quick - Adapter " and " Quick - Core" cable diameters in a range of 12mm and more can be sealed easily and quickly.

    A modular plug sealing system for cables and pipes up to max. 114mm O.D. fire-resistant, gas-and watertight. To be used in core holes, sleeved pipes, casing plates or also in combination with bst-Link Seal or bst-GPD as a watertight building penetration.

    Class S90 in accordance with En, DIN and ?Norm Standards. Design similar to SB and SS, frames made from profiled steel, galvanized or high-grade steel. System is fire-resistant, gas-and watertight.

    The bst-Cable Transit "EMV" combines the advantages of a modular sealing system ( fire-resistant, gas-and watertight, resistant against blast pressure ) with the shielding effect by connecting the cable shield and the building screen. Clean and proven safety, flexible for later installations.

    The first modular fire Stop Collar for the sealing of combustible pipes. Can be delivered in chains for standard diameters or in single or in single sections for individual adaptation on site. Simple, fast, flexible!