Fire Barrier Product 

    Protecting lives and property demands a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation. SIGNUM is better positioned than any other company to meet and exceed these demands around the globe.
    Fire Barrier helps control the spread of fire before, during and after exposure to open flames. It forms a tight seal around penetrations and construction joints to resist water, smoke, and toxic gases. Sealant has a nonslump formula designed for wall and floor applications and maintains the integrity of fire-rated construction. The sealant is designed for use in fire-rated control and isolation joints. UL Tested, BS Standard. Primary applications include: Telephone and electrical wires, cables, electrical conduits (metal), pipes and non-penetrated opening applications
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Fire Suppression System
    This section describes the individual components that comprise a complete system. Some items are optional depending on the application, and are indicated as such.
- FM-200 Container
- Fixing Brackets
- Valve Assembly
- Discharge Nozzle
- Manual Actuator
- Pneumatic Actuator
- Removable Electric Actuator
- Typical Manifold System

    The agent storage vessel consists of a container fitted with a valve and internal syphon tube, factory filled with FM-200 , and super-pressurised with dry nitrogen to 25 bar @ 21C(360 psi @ 70F ). Containers sharing the same manifold shall be equal in size and fill density. Containers are finished in red and are available in various sizes .A nameplate is adhered to the container displaying the agent weight, tare weight, gross weight, fill density and charge date.
   The valve incorporates the follow features:
- A pressure operated safety release device (burst disc).
- Main outlet, fitted with safety shipping cap.
- A connection for a pneumatic or mechanical actuator,
fitted with safety cap.
- A connection for an electrical solenoid.
- A connection for the pneumatic pilot signal output used
for multiple container operation.