Fire Alarm System    

    Each Building is equipped with fire safety systems, which can warn people whenever there is a threat of fire. When an alarm is triggered, a signal is sent immediately to the fire alarm panel located behind the Building reception. The Building staff will determine whetheror not the alarm is real and then take appropriate action. It is important that residents treat every alarm seriously and leave the building whenever the alarm is triggered.
    There are penalties for vandalizing fire safety equipment, or not responding to fire alarm. Other components of the system include smoke detectors in every room, fire sprinkler systems in all buildings, fire alarm pull boxes and fire extinguishers on each floor, and emergency fire escape doors.

    Asiatic Fire Tech Co., Ltd. are fire protection experts who provide the latest world class innovation systems from Simplex, Bentel,Notifier, Fire-Lite, Johnson Controls, Eltek,Honeywell etc.
    These Products are proven and adhere to international and thai technical standards such as ISO 9001&9002, UL, FM, ULC, NFPA, BS, CE, and MEA.
    Dedicated Specialized engineers and technicians integrate customized sensitive fire alarm system for all types of buildings, with 24/7 support, incase of any emergency.